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Posted by Sid, Sat Mar-23-19 04:07 PM
Shelly was always "The Man". There was not, and won't ever be, another to match him. I never met him in person, but, have "known" him through PC911 and PCQandA since somewhere around mid-1994. For all those years, I tended to head straight to his responses to others computer woes when on the prowl for answers myself. Sometimes, I'd be signed in and read a new post by a member needing advise and venture a solution before Shelly, or, any of the other capable members posted a reply. I was always concerned that Shel would pop in later with a contrary view.

I was almost none existent on the off-topic forum and, thus, missed out on that side of Shel that answered to situations of a broader intellectual nature. My bad! And, my loss.

I suppose another bond I felt with the Shel was age. He was just a year older than I, but, even at this elevated age, I kinda expected him to keep going forever. Having just now (Mar 23, 2019) learned of his demise, I was, and am, shocked. Silently, I began chanting a paraphrased version of the famous line from the movie Shane, "Come back, Shel, come back.":( :(