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218331, RE: Sad News About Shelly
Posted by Bob G, Sun Mar-03-19 08:41 PM
I was new to computers and the internet when I first started lurking at WinMag. After it sort of morphed into PC911, I dipped a toe into posting. All very new to me, the idea of talking to a bunch of strangers that might not even be in the same country. I'm pretty shy anyway.

I don't know if it was my imagination, but it always seemed that Shelly took an avuncular view of me, i.e. he felt like an uncle to me. Anyone from those great days knows that he didn't suffer fools well, and could be more than a bit chippy. But to me he always seemed to have a kind word of support.

The gist of this is, that PC911 was the center of my internet life for years, and I cherished it. The OT forum was amazing in those days, and Shelly was the Chairman, the benevolent power behind the throne who stepped in when needed, or at times, led the charge.

He has always been, and will always be, in my memory.

Rest In Peace.