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Posted by JohnnyReb, Thu Sep-13-18 03:14 PM
I haven't been around much for a very long time, but something told me to check in. Things really don't look that great here anymore. Maybe it was the divisive banter from years ago (which I was unfortunately a part of) that has driven people away.

This used to be the best source of computer help I knew of. I am sure the expertise is still around, but how to motivate it?

And down here in the basement - if even James and Adam have stopped posting there is a problem... They never used to shut up. ;-)

I guess each thing has its time. I think it is sad that PCQandA may go silently into the night. I wasn't around from the beginning, but have been here since PC911, and we have lost a lot of people. Some, unfortunately, to death, but many more to divisiveness.

Anyway... Today is my far too old birthday, and I am melancholy. Coming here doesn't perk me up.

Hope you all have a great weekend and none of you are in the path of the storm!