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218199, Concerning Shelly
Posted by jasonlevine, Tue Jun-12-18 11:46 PM
I know Shelly hasn't been on PCQandA for awhile. Like a lot of you, I was concerned. I called him up to make sure he was okay. I can't share all of the details, but he's doing well. I'm going to send him a letter with my contact information in case he ever needs to get in touch with me. If anyone wants to write something to have me send Shelly, reply below and I'll attach it to my letter.
218200, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by KJT, Tue Jun-12-18 11:57 PM
That's great news. Jason, thanks for letting us know.

Shelly, I'm happy to hear that you're still with us - I always fear the worst.

Whatever's keeping you from the Forum, I hope is resolved soon. It's not the same without you. I've missed you.

218201, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by MSU, Wed Jun-13-18 12:33 AM
Spectacular news!!! Although I wasn't 100% sure of what I'd found it did really bum me out. I probably shouldn't have even mentioned it. I'm so glad it was in error.
218202, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by Jane, Wed Jun-13-18 02:14 PM
Very good news ! Thank you Jason and all my best to Shelly :--)
218203, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by therube, Wed Jun-13-18 03:37 PM
Like Jack Horkheimer used to say, keep looking up! :-).
218210, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by Chari, Tue Jun-26-18 01:36 AM
Glad to know about Shelly.Logged in after a long time and first thing I did was to search for his post and found this.
Please convey my best wishes and regards to him.I owe my little bit knowledge of PC to him and this forum.
218213, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by randybedore, Thu Jul-05-18 12:27 AM
Hi, Shelly, I'm so happy you care for us at PCQandA, as always. Even if you don't feel up to answering techy questions, please check in with us. Regards, as always, Randy
218239, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by FZbar, Sun Sep-02-18 04:22 PM
Thanks for the good news.

218241, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by JohnnyReb, Sat Sep-08-18 01:24 PM
Hope Shelly is doing well. He is a valuable asset to the forum, and a wise man.
218242, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by KJT, Sat Sep-08-18 01:58 PM
I agree. And, it's good to see you're still around too.

Alas, Shelly hasn't posted in 2018. I'm usually a pessimist and I fear we've read the last from him. I hope not.

Participation in PCQandA (via questions, answers, and OT comments) has trickled down to the point that in a year, more or less, Jason and the few hardcore members that contributed to the last fundraiser will have to decide whether it's worth the bother and expense to keep the forum going.

In the OT, there hasn't even been a mention of Pres. Trump since August 19th, 2017. Perhaps he hasn't done anything that concerns anyone.


218243, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by Paul D, Wed Sep-12-18 06:45 PM

Re Trump: Don't press your luck.

Paul D
218244, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by JohnnyReb, Thu Sep-13-18 03:14 PM
I haven't been around much for a very long time, but something told me to check in. Things really don't look that great here anymore. Maybe it was the divisive banter from years ago (which I was unfortunately a part of) that has driven people away.

This used to be the best source of computer help I knew of. I am sure the expertise is still around, but how to motivate it?

And down here in the basement - if even James and Adam have stopped posting there is a problem... They never used to shut up. ;-)

I guess each thing has its time. I think it is sad that PCQandA may go silently into the night. I wasn't around from the beginning, but have been here since PC911, and we have lost a lot of people. Some, unfortunately, to death, but many more to divisiveness.

Anyway... Today is my far too old birthday, and I am melancholy. Coming here doesn't perk me up.

Hope you all have a great weekend and none of you are in the path of the storm!
218245, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by therube, Thu Sep-13-18 06:28 PM
Happy birthday :-).

And knowing that no matter how old, that you have hit another one, I'd think that alone is enough to perk you up ;-). (I look forward to every one of mine.)
218246, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by dtellier, Thu Sep-13-18 11:06 PM
And another Happy Birthday here. :) It seems a lot of the members are still checking in, just the posting seems to be missing. I personally check in at least once a day, but don't post much anymore. Regarding Trump, there really isn't much left to say - one ignorant screw-up after another gets a little tiring and old after a while.

Anyways, glad to see you're back and doing OK.

218247, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by nightlyreader, Fri Sep-14-18 04:57 AM
Regarding Trump, there really isn't much left to say - one ignorant screw-up after another gets a little tiring and old after a while.

Guess you couldn't resist. Whatever.
218258, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by ablib, Fri Oct-19-18 04:31 AM
Hey guy!

Seeing you post here brought a smile to my face. I'm still around. Not sure why I've moved on. Just life I think. Then the forum just started to wind down.

I worry about my friend James -- and Shelly, of course.
218253, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by labyrinth, Tue Sep-25-18 05:45 AM
I haven't read anything about Shelly because I haven't been on this forum for more then two years but I hope Shelly you are doing O.K. because you were always the voice of reason. And at this point we need more reason more than anything else.
218254, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by mlangdn, Mon Oct-01-18 03:53 AM
I haven't posted here in several years, but I came back tonight because I was cleaning bookmarks and saw PC Q&A.

Shelly, I hope you are doing well and if I don't come back here again may God bless you. You taught me a lot about Windows, then I left for the Dark Side (Slackware).

218279, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by Red Squirrel, Tue Dec-04-18 06:08 PM
Glad to see he's ok! Saw the title and it gave me a mini heart attack.

I just stumbled back on here for the first time in many years. I was going through my password manager going around changing old passwords and I had honestly forgot about this place.

Looks like things have slowed down, too bad to see, but still glad to see it's still running at the very least.
218324, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by peterb, Fri Mar-01-19 10:01 AM

I just got news that my Sister passed away on The Isle of Man on Sunday. Tonight I was looking for her obituary. As I was searching I thought about Shelly. I did come across something but I cant' confirm his middle name. With the U.S. Air Force shield in the obit I fear that it may actually be our Shelly.

I know that I don't post here much anymore but I felt like I needed to share this. :( :(
218325, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by KJT, Fri Mar-01-19 01:22 PM
Thanks so much for posting. I am confident the obituary is our Shelly. His birthday was July 9th. He, of course, most recently lived in Jacksonville. He had lived in Connecticut, and been in the military.

A tiny bit more about Shelly here -!/TributeWall

It's good to get closure. I'd often wondered what had happened to him. So, thank you again.

Rest in Peace Shelly. The Forum's not the same without you.


218326, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by Jane, Fri Mar-01-19 06:44 PM
Rest in Peace Shelly
218327, RE: Concerning Shelly
Posted by peterb, Sat Mar-02-19 03:02 AM
Hello Jim:

Thanks for the confirmation. I did remember that Shelly lived in Fla.

I apologize for not expressing my own condolences for Shelly as I was still a tad numb about my sisters loss.

RIP Shelly. :( :(