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Posted by scaramouche, Mon Aug-25-08 01:01 AM
We're American's. We're stupid when it comes to elections. Remember? All the experience in the world doesn't matter. That's why George got elected and why Obama will. It's all about popularity and appearance -- and Hillary had it.

Hate to be negative but probably the biggest issues confronting Americans are:

1) how old are the Chinese gymnasts
2) who to vote for in American Idol.

Its the same here in Canada and then we complain. The time to make your choice is at the ballot box.

I think that Obama will bring out the new vote. Time for a change, he says but I still think that Joe Biden, regardless of his experience is of the old school. On the other hand he is a good choice. Presidents need Congress and Senate to appropriate money etc. and to get bills past. Biden has connections that Obama needs. Biden is a very good speaker. Also If anything, God forbid, ever happened to Obama, he would also make a seasoned and capable President too.

A real change would have been choosing a woman VP running mate. That would have been a switch but probably will not get him elected. Biden is therefore the safe choice.

What really surprises me is that the Polls show that McCain and Obama are about even. I would have thought, given the Republican record of the last 8 years and George W's low ratings, Obama would, regardless of the VP nominee, be enjoying a double digit adavantage.