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Posted by Jordan, Sat Aug-23-08 11:32 PM
Maybe the ticket should be Biden/0bama.

As to The surge:

"Biden's Anti-Iraq Surge Comments Could Be Part of McCain Attack Plan

(SEDONA, ARIZ.) – One of John McCain’s favorite lines of attack against Barack Obama is that he maintains Obama still hasn’t admitted that the surge in Iraq was a success. Now that Joe Biden has been selected as Obama’s VP at least partially because of his foreign policy experience, you can bet you’ll be hearing a lot about Biden’s low opinion of the surge strategy, which he called “doomed” and “a fantasy.”

"The surge isn't going to work either tactically or strategically,” Biden told the Boston Globe last summer. “Tactically it isn't going to work because ... our guys go in and secure a neighborhood, but because we don't have enough troops, we have to turn it over to the Iraqis, and they can't hold it or won't hold it.”

Biden advocated dividing up the country into three parts based on ethnicity, something McCain strongly disagreed with.

“If you did the three different countries, basically what the Biden-Gelb proposal (is) as I understand it, one, you'd be drawing dividing lines in bedrooms in Baghdad because Sunni and Shia are married,” McCain said. “The second thing is, the Turks have announced that they will not allow an independent Kurdish state."

As the U.S. begins to draw up a timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq, McCain has credited the surge, led by Gen. David Petraeus, with the ability to talk about pulling troops out. Biden called Petraeus “dead flat wrong” on the surge and said an Iraqi government made up of Shias, Sunnis, and Kurds is “not going to happen.”

All three of those groups are currently represented in the Iraqi government, although the security and stability in the country has been termed “fragile” by most observers there."

As to the abortion thing, JB is a faux catholic. His philosophy is Pro-Death.

"Joe Biden Makes It Easier for Catholics to Oppose Pro-Abortion Barack Obama

Washington, DC ( -- A pro-life Catholic group says it will be easier for Catholic voters to reject Barack Obama as president now that he has strong abortion advocate Joe Biden on board. Although some pundits say Biden is an Irish Catholic who will help Obama in states like Pennsylvania, Brian Burch says he will turn off voters.

Burch, the head of the pro-life organization Fidelis, tells that Biden's pro-abortion views, like Obama's, pose a major challenge for American Catholics.

Fidelis warned late last month that a pro-abortion Catholic choice as a vice presidential candidate would offend many Catholics who have struggled with the scandal of prominent pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Senator Biden.

“Barack Obama has re-opened a wound among American Catholics by picking a pro-abortion Catholic politician," Burch said.

"The American bishops have made clear that Catholic political leaders must defend the dignity of every human person, including the unborn. Sadly, Joe Biden’s tenure in the United States Senate has been marked by steadfast support for legal abortion," he added.

Burch pointed to history to support his contention.

In 2004, John Kerry’s support for abortion sparked a nationwide controversy over whether Catholics who support legal abortion can receive communion. The debate was re-activated in 2007 when several bishops criticized Rudy Giuliani, also a pro-abortion Catholic.

“Now everywhere Biden campaigns, we'll have this question of whether a pro-abortion Catholic can receive communion," he told

"Senator Biden is an unrepentant supporter of abortion in direct opposition to the Church he claims as his own. Selecting a pro-abortion Catholic is a slap in the face to Catholic voters,” he said.

Biden's own bishop, Bishop Michael Saltarelli of Wilmington, Delaware, has said that the issues pertaining to the sanctity of human life are the "great civil rights issues of this generation.”

Bishop Saltarelli denounced the notion that politicians like Biden can 'personally oppose' abortion, but refuse to pass laws protecting the unborn.

"No one today would accept this statement from any public servant: 'I am personally opposed to human slavery and racism but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena.' Likewise, none of us should accept this statement from any public servant: 'I am personally opposed to abortion but will not impose my personal conviction in the legislative arena,'” said Bishop Saltarelli.

In fact, Bishop Saltarelli made clear that pro-abortion Catholic politicians should refrain from receiving the Eucharist.

"The promotion of abortion by any Catholic is a grave and serious matter. Objectively, according to the constant teaching of the Scriptures and the Church, it would be more spiritually beneficial for such a person to refrain from receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. I ask Catholics in this position to have the integrity to respect the Eucharist, Catholic teaching and the Catholic faithful," he said.

"Burch concluded: “The American bishops have instructed Catholic voters to consider many issues, but have characterized the defense of human life as ‘foundational’ and have explained that the issue has a special claim on the conscience of the Catholic voter."

"This means that a political candidate like Biden, because of his strong support for abortion rights, forfeits any claim for support despite his views on other issues like health care and the economy.”"