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Posted by Shelly, Sat Aug-23-08 02:48 PM
He could not have picked a better candidate! Biden is one of the most qualified people in the nation and he should have been the President, not just Vice President, long ago. He also is one of the finest members of the US Senate in recent history.

Biden won his Senate seat thirty five years ago becoming the youngest Senator since Thomas Jefferson. He was not even old enough to be a Senator until after he won the Election.

Right after that election his wife and daughter were killed in an automobile accident when a driver ran a red light at an intersection and hit her vehicle broadside. His two sons, also in the car were seriously injured. Biden was devastated and did not even want to take his oath of office. He was urged to take the oath and took it in his sons hospital room.

His sons survived and Biden promised that he would go home to his family every day, and for thirty five years he has commuted back to his Delaware home from Washington by train every night.

I see some of the usual right wing fringe group here, and a few obvious bigots, have already begun to deride Biden, let me assure you, you are not fit to shine his shoes.